Melt the fat
off your body!


How Lipo-Laser Works

The Lipo-Laser is placed a few inches from the area being treated and it emulsifies the subcutaneous fat and increases collagen and elastin production in the skin. The fat cell opens up a small, transitory pore in their membrane and releases its contents into interstitial space. These contents (mostly triglycerides) are then utilized by the body as a source of energy in times of need. The pore generally closes in 48-72 hours and the body processes the fat through its normal channels. There is No PainNo Downtime and most importantly…No Surgery! 

Lipo-Laser will melt the fat from your body. During your first treatment expect 2-3 inches of fat-loss within the first hour.  Depending on the goals you have on achieving for your body, we at Slim Body Wellness Center will create a package to attain them. Get ready to not just look slimmer, better but feel better about yourself too. Remember you can use this laser without causing any harm to your body. Lipo-Laser uses a low level laser that emulsifies the fat and your body releases this fat through the natural processes of elimination from the body. 

By choosing Lipo-Laser you will be treating your body to the latest, and most powerful lipo-laser available in the world today. Lipo-Laser works immediately and the results are as permanent as you want them to be. 

Begin the journey today to a newer and slimmer YOU!!

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• 1 treatment area – This package is referred to as “Spot” treatment. It’s great for a small area of the body that you need to reduce. Eg. A little “pooch” in the stomach area that stands out against the rest of your stomach. This treatment will reduce that area specifically. 

• 2 Half Body (3 zones – except face) Choice of upper half (stomach and love handles) or lower half (butt and thighs). A significant reduction of fat can be attained with this treatment and some skin tightening in the areas that are treated. 

• 3 Full Body (6 zones- except face) – Most popular package. 6 areas are treated in total and this treatment lasts 1 hour. Both upper and lower bodies are treated and 2 inches of the fat area are lost in that first hour. Results are instantaneous. 

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